a mainstay in the hydrogen energy industrial chain, haosen is growing up together with the city-k8凯发

a mainstay in the hydrogen energy industrial chain, haosen is growing up together with the city-k8凯发

recently, dalian news reported an article - "occupy the high ground and release the power of hydrogen". the report mentioned that our city was making improvement on the policy support system, promoting the coordination on the complete industry chain, and realizing the breakthrough of the hydrogen energy industry from "1 to 10". the production line shown in the report was exactly designed and delivered by haosen for dalian sunrise power. it was reported that this production line, combined with the successful experience of previous electric stacks production lines, had a high degree of integration and could carry out dynamic data monitoring, which was a good improvement for the quality and consistency of the products.

from the r & d end at the top, the equipment manufacturing end in the middle reaches, to the downstream application end, and supplemented by the policy support system, the hydrogen industry chain in dalian has activated all key nodes on the entire chain, and the hydrogen industry is speeding up on the way ahead. as an equipment manufacturer in the middle reaches of the industrial chain, haosen spares no effort to develop in coordination with the upstream and downstream business partners to jointly build the development ecology of the city's hydrogen energy industry.

the hydrogen fuel cell intelligent production line produced by haosen includes mea, bipolar plate, stacks / engine system production line and activation test bench. it has been recognized by the leading enterprises in the hydrogen fuel cell industry such as shpt and weichai power; and has successfully obtained orders from sinohytec, spic, sinosynergy and other customers while maintaining good cooperative relations with existing customers since year 2021.

the comprehensive control on the efficiency, process, reliability and cost is the focus of r & d and production in the field of hydrogen energy. as a clean energy, hydrogen energy is also one of the key areas of "carbon neutralization". in the beginning phase of the development of hydrogen fuel cell business in china, haosen quickly gets involved and has been continuously investing in r & d of key components of hydrogen fuel cell, and has mastered the technologies on the aspects of intelligent assembly, pressing and testing technology of stacks, membrane electrodes, bipolar plates and gas diffusion layers. it can effectively improve the production efficiency for customers, reduce the error rate in the process of production equipment, reduce the labor cost of the production line, and promote the development of the industry, while at the same time, helps to maximize the value of the hydrogen industry chain both in our city and even at home and abroad.

next step, haosen, with a professional and technical expert team in the field of new energy cells, will continue to accumulate technical experience in the field of hydrogen fuel cell, take the whole process chain equipment of fuel cells as the goal, master the core technology, and provide more professional solutions for the hydrogen fuel cell; will serve the global market quickly and flexibly, continue to promote industrial innovation and breakthroughs, and grow up in the industrialization of the city.


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