new start & new journey haosen successfully steps toward capital market-k8凯发

new start & new journey haosen successfully steps toward capital market-k8凯发

haosen officially initiated listing procedure since may 2019, submitted application and accepted by sse star market; on 20th, august, 2020, the initial application was approved by the list committee of shanghai stock exchange. the initial public offering doesn’t exceed 32 million shares, accounting for 25% of the total share capital after issuance. the listing of haosen was strongly supported by the government officials at all levels, careful guidance from regulatory authorities, and the unremitting efforts of the company team and agencies. it only took 11 months from initiation of listing procedure to officially application, and became the first enterprise listed in sse star market in dalian. 

since the establishment, haosen has always focused on intelligent production line and intelligent equipment integration for 19 years. the company took the lead in domestic market for automotive engine intelligent assembly lines, transmission intelligent assembly lines etc. powertrain field, on the basis of serving traditional fuel vehicles, gradually developed nev equipment market. haosen deeply explored hybrid transmission intelligent assembly lines, power lithium battery intelligent production lines, hydrogen fuel cell battery intelligent production system, and new drive motor intelligent production systems with gratifying achievements.  meanwhile, haosen continuously enhances product technical core competence, exerts the spirit of craftsmanship, and constantly keeps pursuit and persistence of high quality. relying on the technical and brand advantages accumulated over the years, haosen gained recognition by first-class customers at home and abroad. 

after successfully listed, haosen will never forget the original intention, continue to uphold the core value of “customer first, integrity, collaboration, and pursuit of excellence”, constantly move toward the vision of“ to be the most trusted service provider for lean, efficient and flexible manufacturing by providing consistent and high-quality automated, informationized and intelligent products and services, and eventually achieve a win-win for the society, customers, employees, and the company.”


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